One of the go-to things today to maintain a healthy diet are fruits. What better than consuming highly nutritious fruits for a greater immunity! However, the new talk of the town is Dehydrated Fruits – Let’s get to know a little more about their health benefits

  • How are fruits dehydrated?

A dehydrated/dried fruit is achieved via various processes’ which removes all the water content from the fruit leaving behind a small yet energy dense dried fruit which makes it power packed nutrient. Majority of the water content of these fruits are removed via natural process, through Sun drying or through the use of specialized dryers and dehydrators. 

  • The coming of age of dehydrated fruits 

Today the word for dehydrated fruits is well known. But some years back, they were a less known product in the market. The origins of dried fruits go way back to 1500 BC in Mesopotamian tablets. Other than that, the origin is said to be in the Mediterranean, Mesopotamia. But, the coming age of these fruits was when the United States and Asian countries understood that these fruits are a viable option to be eaten and valued them for their stability as well as their concentrated sweetness. Also, this process helped them to increase the shelf life of fruit from a few days to a few years.

  • Benefits of dehydrated fruits

Something can sustain in the market for long only if there are benefits seen for the consumer. Dried fruits are able to live up with the hype because of the following benefits:

1.    Keeps a Healthy Heart, Stomach and Bones

2.    They have a great antioxidant power

3.    Boosts immunity and fight diseases

4.    Helps fight Cancer and Anaemia

5.    Rich in Energy

It helps you in blood purifying, maintaining Haemoglobin and its richness in iron makes your bones strong and gut happy. With all the nutritional benefits, it improves your immunity thus helping you in fighting and resisting diseases. Its energy punch keeps your day full of freshness and lively.

    • Does it really benefit your health?

When you think about the perks of having dehydrated fruits, they are surely one up    against normal fruits. A moderate consumption of dehydrated fruits helps you in having 6 times more fibre than normal fruits. But anything in excess is not recommended. This is because they are high in sugar and calories, causing diabetic related problems when consumed in excess.

    • The must have dehydrated fruits in your diet

Apricots, Dates, Figs, Peaches, Pears, Prunes, Raisins, Berries in the dehydrated form are some of the must haves in your diet as they constitute proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre which helps you remain fit and healthy which are all round-up in different nutrients and hence have a well balanced mix of all of them.

        • Myths and facts associated with dehydrated fruits

It is a myth that Dried fruits and fresh fruits are the same. The real fact is that Dried fruits have the moisture removed, and both nutrients and calories are therefore concentrated. One more underlying myth is that consuming nuts causes weight gain, but the fact is they help in weight control. 

With all being said, by now you would have understood the huge reward you give to your health and your immunity with the consumption of dried fruits. They are a must have for a well-balanced diet, but they must also be accompanied by an equal amount of fresh fruits. A moderate consumption of them improves your health, and when health is at stake, you surely would not want to delay. So start the wealthy habit by consuming dried fruits.

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