Calvay’s VegRich Protein Oats Poha | 350g | Pack of 5

High Protein Oats Poha

Enhanced With Whey protein

Added Rolled Oats

Ready in 5 Min

Lip Smacking Experience

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VegRich range of Protein + Oats Breakfast is India’s first High Protein range of Desi Indian breakfast . With a 4 in one combo of Oats Upma, Oats Poha, Oats Khichadi and Power Noodles, unleash the power of SuperFood- High Fiber Oats in your desi Indian diet . With upto 10 g of Protein & 6 g of Fiber per recommended servingyou complete approximately 20% of your daily requirment of Protein. Whey Protein Concentrate which is one of the world’s best protein in terms of absorbtion % and completeness, is used as the main Protein fortifying ingredient. Made using 100% Natural & Wholesome Ingredients, make VegRich Power breakfast your everyday Habit ! How to Consume ?
Cut open 1 inside sachet in a bowl
Mix Hot water with the contents as per the quantity indicated on the pack
Mix well and cover the bowl with lid for 7 Mins
Open the lid , mix well and Oats Poha is ready to consume 🙂

Weight 70 g

VegRich range of Protein Power Breakfast and Snacks is a one stop solution to enhance Protein in your daily Breakfast diet. Our breakfast range is an all in one package of -> Delicious, High Protein & Convenient breakfast series. VegRich Protein Power breakfast contains approximately 70-80% more Protein per serving and hence improves Satiety levels. This reduces the frequency of hunger pangs thereby reducing the chances of overeating and over-intake of calories. On a long term basis our products can aid in Fat and Weight loss which is attributed to Higher Protein & Fiber presence in the products.

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